Prof. James Piret – Stem Cell Network

On November 28 the Stem Cell Network received a major investment of $25.6 million in renewed research funding over the next 4 years. This program is part of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence. CHBE Prof. James Piret is the bioengineering theme leader within the 85 leading scientists, clinicians, engineers and ethicists across Canada. The Stem Cell Network is now the highest funded in Canada due to both the many accomplishments over the past 7 years as well as the potential value of the strategic goals over the next period. These goals include advancing towards more clinical trials, enhancing multidisciplinary training programs, national and international collaborations. Five graduate and postdoctoral trainees in the Piret lab benefit from this extraordinary training environment. As Jim Prentice, the Minister of Industry said, “These networks have stimulated innovation and entrepreneurship, created jobs, improved the health and well-being of Canadians, and positioned this country as a leader in the global knowledge economy”.

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