Lindsay MacPhee – Just Desserts Awards!

The sweetest award given to a student, staff or faculty member at UBC is something many people would wish for. “Just Desserts” has a 20 year tradition at UBC and its special prestige is rooted in the fact that recipients are nominated by fellow students to recognize their exceptional service.

Please join us in congratulating Lindsay MacPhee, a CHBE student graduating this year, for her Just Desserts award – recently received for her pioneering endeavor to establish the unique Engineering Undergraduate Student Society tutoring service. Lindsay was nominated by her peers for her tremendous efforts to pave the road for a program that gives more relevance to engineering students in their first year of studies than ever before. ‘What made me do it,’ says Lindsay, ‘is the lack of ‘engineering focus’ in 1st year courses. For the most part, they are general for any first year science student without much engineering application. We could help them out by offering a tutoring service, in cooperation with Alma Mater Society Tutoring. This not only lends perspective – the tutors, engineering students themselves, would be aware of some of the snags that first year students hit when it comes to applying themes learned in class to engineering subjects.

Lindsay spent a lot of time planning and organizing the program, and is now proud to see the free drop-in sessions held every Wednesday at the Processed Cheeze home of engineering undergrads. The project further evolved, including a midterm and exam review session, where students have access to a 3 hour long review covering midterm specific material. Tutors work with faculty members to ensure that the proper material is covered.

Lindsay received her Just Deserts award in the end of March/08 and is looking forward to her graduation in May way to go, Lindsay!

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