Siamak Elyasi – UBC Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Department is pleased and honoured to announce that Siamak Elyasi, CHBE PhD candidate, has been awarded the UBC Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for Teaching. With over 2,000 teaching assistants at UBC, this award is a remarkable accomplishment, and this is the first time a CHBE teaching assistant has received it.

The award, initiated in 1996, is given annually to ten UBC teaching assistants in recognition of their valuable role in university undergraduate programs. Impressed by his dedication and talent for teaching, Siamak Elyasi’s nomination was supported by CHBE undergraduate students and senior teaching faculty.

Siamak has been a teaching assistant for more than four years, sharing his passion for learning and innovative approaches to improving existing laboratories based on his previous industry experience. “The transfer of experience and knowledge from teacher to student has two aspects,” says Siamak, elaborating on his teaching philosophy. “For teachers, there is a learning process that emanates from reviewing their knowledge during the teaching period and from receiving outstanding feedback from their students.”

Students’ feedback on his work has been extremely positive: He has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond to foster student learning; His impact extends beyond the classroom, having helped with the generation of summer research positions for students and in courses he has not been assigned to; He has high but never unrealistic expectations.

“Siamak’s performance as a teaching assistant is outstanding. He was instrumental in the success of the most important lab course in the undergraduate curriculum,” says Elod Gyenge, Associate Professor and holder of the Gould Teaching Professorship.

Congratulations Siamak, for all your efforts and remarkable achievement!

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