Dr. Madjid Mohseni awarded $5.23 million to research safe drinking water for rural communities in Canada

Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) professor Madjid Mohseni and his collaborators, Dave Wilkinson and Elod Gyenge from CHBE and Pierre Bérube from Civil Engineering, have been awarded an NSERC Strategic Network Grant for their proposal: RES’EAU-WaterNet:A Network Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for Small and Rural Communities. The network has been awarded $5.28M over five years,of which $4.77M comes from NSERC.

Some info on the network:

NSERC Strategic Network Grant

RES’EAU-WaterNet: A Network Ensuring Safe Drinking Water for Small and Rural Communities

RES’EAU is a multidisciplinary research network which aims at addressing key technological obstacles to the delivery of clean and safe water in Canada’s small and rural communities. The specific focus will be to develop and verify innovative technology platforms leading to adoption and implementation of operator-friendly and cost-effective processes in such communities.

The Network consists of 18 multidisciplinary research projects, involving 11 academic researchers from seven universities across Canada as well as an unprecedented number of over 30 partner organizations that include technology providers, consulting firms, municipalities, professional organizations and government agencies.

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