Xerox Workplace Sustainability Fund

The CHBE Sustainability Club, in collaboration with our department, was awarded with the Xerox Workplace Sustainability Fund to generate sustainable solutions to workplace practices. The grant was awarded to put in place an online chemical and equipment database, in order for any researchers to have a quick access to department inventories. Principle investigators could choose not to list certain chemicals and/or equipments publicly in order to protect the confidentiality of their research.

The chemical & equipment inventory database would have many social, economic and environmental benefits. It will save both time and money for the researchers by avoiding the purchase of chemicals and maximize the usage of under-used equipment. This online database should help to reduce the amount of chemicals in our department and improve their storage; thereby, enhancing the overall safety. It will reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be disposed every year and potentially reduce the amount of chemicals released to the environment by improper disposal technique.

Please contact Alexandre Vigneault (alexandrev [at] if you have more questions about the project. We plan to build the database during this academic year.

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