CHBE 2010 Graduation

On June 1st, the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering hosted a celebratory reception to honour the 2010 graduates. Alumnus Ashkan Alijani, now the Reservoir Engineer, Heavy Oil Development with Shell Canada Limited was on hand to present the 4th Year Design Project Award, sponsored by Shell, to the following groups:

Acid Rock Group“Acid Rock Drainage Treatment Process” – Min Kyung Cho, Philip Chu, David Kuan, Yi-Xuan Li, Derek Pope and Hunter Vogel

Brewery Group“Brewery Wastewater Treatment” – Curtis Bykowski, David Keikkila, Megan Hodder, Pak Wang Leung, Michelle Treger, and Graham With

Landfill Group“Utilization of Landfill Gas to Produce H2” – Michael Chu, Jeong Woo Kim, Ting Yi Koh, Caryn Liberman, Bikram Sandhu, and Ronald Tse

Peter Englezos, Head of the department, was also on hand to present the 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrate Award to the following groups:

Gas Hydrate Award“Copper Production” – Waleed Alfadda, Arjun Banga, Prianka Bukit, Steven Klohn, Randal Low and Alexander Nguyen

“Coal Fired Power Plant with CO2 Capture” – Alex Chau, Mohammad Dara, Gurbir Gill, Thomas Mazur, Charlie Read, and Weylen Yanaprasetya

Congratulations to the winners, and the graduates of 2010. Wishing you all the best in your future endevors.

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