CHBE Graduate Club Camping Trip 2010

In late August the CHBE Graduate Club embarked on their first departmental camping trip into the wilds of British Columbia. Seventeen students made the trek up to Otter Lake, in the heart of the mountains by nearby Tulameen. Braving the elements, with daytime temperatures running in the low 20’s punctuated by nights hovering just above 0°C, the students made camp, hiked along nature trails, and relaxed by the tranquil lake. One major expedition was also conducted, as the students climbed a local mountain range through the bush and scree for 4.5 km with a 400 m elevation gain. They were chased down the mountain by a sudden rainstorm, but everyone survived unscathed. Upon returning to camp, a few brave souls even went for a quick swim in the lake before a potluck feast which included dishes from all corners of the world.CampingTrip2010
There was a fire ban in the area, so at night the campers stayed warm by the mirth of their companions and lively parlor games. Overall everyone enjoyed their time out in the wilderness, and can hardly wait till camping again next year!

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