CHBE Reaction Car

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On April 16th, 2011, at the annual Regional American Institute of Chemical Engineering student conference at Oregon State University, the CHBE Reaction Car team came in FIRST PLACE with their pHat Kat car. The CHBE team powered their car using a reaction that produces CO2 gas. The gas flows through a pressure regulator and onto an air motor, which moves the front wheels.
At the start of the competition, judges announce how far the competing cars must travel, and this year the car stopping closest to 65 feet, would win. The pHat Kat car made it to an amazing 62 feet! CHBE Reaction Car members at the race were Annie Yan, Calvin Chan, Paul Kim, Yvonne Hsieh, and faculty advisor, Dr. Royann Petrell. Absent due to final examinations were team members Megan Gao and Yan Zhang.
Due to their first place finish, the team will compete at the National competition in Minnesota in the fall.



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