CHBE Grad Club Professional Development Seminars

The CHBE Graduate Club is organizing a series of professional development seminars for graduate students of the department. The first session was successfully held on Oct 11th with Dr. Naoko Ellis as the first speaker to share her career journey with students. Dr. Ellis joined CHBE as a graduate student in 1998 and became a faculty member in 2003. She has had the career goal of doing research in academia since she was a student. She went through her experience from graduate study to faculty work in a lively and interactive way. The audience got a better idea of what to prepare and expect for an academic career. Specific advices were offered in an active question and answer session. Students claimed it interesting and helpful and would like to see more in the future. We got very positive feedback toward the event and hope to hear more from all of the CHBE graduate students. Please send your feedback to our Social Coordinator, Siduo ( and we will make sure to consider all the feedback. The next session is coming next month. Be alerted!!!

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