Professional Development Seminar

The second seminar of the “Professional Development Speaker Series”, organized by the CHBE Graduate Club, was successfully held on November 30th with Professor John Grace as the speaker. After completing his PhD, Dr. Grace has worked as faculty member for more than 40 years at McGill University and UBC. In addition to teaching and active research, he spent 8 years as the Head of CHBE, 6 years as the Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, and 1 year as the Director of Clean Energy Research Centre. In total he has supervised more than 100 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and taught thousands of undergraduates.

In his presentation, Professor Grace discussed the advantages and disadvantages of doing academic jobs. He provided important tips and strategies for seeking academic jobs as well as industrial jobs. He shared his observations on his past graduate students which served as good examples on how to become successful during and after graduate studies. At the end, Professor Grace acknowledged the contribution of his former and current students, colleagues, funding agencies and industrial sponsors to the successes of his career. His presentation was followed by an active question and answer session.

The event was overwhelmingly attended by current and former graduate students, post-doctorate fellows, and faculty members from CHBE. The seminar attracted graduate students from other departments as well.

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