Professional Development Seminar Series

The CHBE Graduate Student Club successfully arranged a seminar on March 14th with Dr. Clive Brereton as the speaker. Dr. Brereton completed BASc and PhD from this department, and joined UBC as a faculty member. After serving the department for nearly 10 years, he decided to move to industry. Currently, he is the VP, Technology of NORAM Engineering & Constructors Ltd. In addition, Dr. Brereton is the President of BC Research Inc. and is an Adjunct Professor with this department.

In the talk, Dr. Brereton told the audience how most of his career decisions had actually been determined by external factors e.g. UK’s higher education system, recession in Canada during 80’s and so on. He also talked about getting a faculty position and later moving to industry. He described some of the challenges in his current job and, most importantly, the satisfaction he gets when a project is successfully completed.

He stressed the need for a chemical engineer to be able to integrate chemical engineering with mechanical engineering, process engineering, cost engineering and other relevant disciplines in order to bring the product out of research facility to industry. The ability to work with people of many different backgrounds is another characteristic a chemical engineer should possess to become successful in industrial world, according to Dr. Brereton.

His speech was followed by an active question and answer session. Dr. Brereton’s strong sense of humor made the seminar more enjoyable to attendees from this department and others!

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