Hafiz Rahman wins Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

2014_April - Hafiz Rahman Killam GTAwardCongratulations to Hafiz Rahman, CHBE PhD candidate, for winning the UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for his outstanding contribution to teaching. His energy, enthusiasm and diligence in fulfilling his teaching responsibilities have made a positive impact on the quality of the learning environment at UBC.

Hafiz has a Masters degree from the University of Alberta and is currently working under the supervision of Drs. Bi, Grace and Lim. Hafiz is also the President of the CHBE Graduate Student Club.
The Killam Graduate Teaching Awards have been presented annually since 1996 to sixteen of the best UBC Teaching Assistants, in recognition of the valuable role that teaching assistants play in undergraduate programs. With over 2,000 Teaching Assistants working at UBC, this represents a significant achievement. Successful candidates will have met criteria that result in a high level of respect from undergraduate students and academic or course supervisors.

The prize carries with it a $1,000 prize and a formal certificate. The award presentations will take place in early May 2014.