Speaker Series Seminar – Dr. Scott Renneckar

We are pleased to be hosting the first of our 2014-15 Speaker Series seminar, by Dr. Scott Renneckar. The event will take place on September 30, 1:00 to 2:00 pm in CHBE Room 202Renneckar_image_Sept_2014 - Copy. All are welcome.
Dr. Renneckar’s talk is about “Glycerol Thermal Processing of Biomass for Value-added Biomaterials”.

There has been renewed interest in chemicals and energy from biomass this past decade to mitigate climate change and enhance energy security, while stimulating rural economic development. Under this umbrella, Dr. Renneckar’s research group has investigated the thermal processing of biomass on polymer processing equipment in the presence of anhydrous glycerol in order to fractionate the biopolymers into relatively uniform streams for biomaterial applications. The talk will highlight the impact of processing conditions on wood biopolymer structure producing high molecular weight lignin and xylan by-products, as well as the production of high alpha cellulose fiber from waste products like brewery spent grains. Additional research will discuss bacterial nanocellulose production from the glycerol thermal processed waste material, demonstrating the application of these bacterial cellulose materials to serve as high performance sensors.