Graduate Student Leadership Award winners 2014

CHBE established the Graduate Student Leadership Award in 2013 ‘to identify those who have played a significant leadership role in his or her activities and in so doing has had a demonstrable impact on improving the quality of student experience at CHBE’. This year’s recipients are Alireza Bagherzadeh and Hafiz Rahman. Their excellent work as student leaders were recognized by the awards.

Alireza Bagherzadeh and Peter Englezos

Alireza Bagherzadeh receives his Graduate Student Leadership award from Dr. Peter Englezos

Hafiz Rahman and Peter Englezos

Hafiz Rahman receives his Graduate Student Leadership award from Dr. Peter Englezos

As the chair of the organizing committee of Research Day 2014, Alireza Bagherzadeh has put countless hours in and provided outstanding leadership in organizing a well-attended Research Day, with participation from UBC students and faculty as well as industry representatives. Alireza obtained a Masters degree from the Department, and is currently working with Professor Peter Englezos. He has also served as the Vice President of CHBE Graduate Students Club for a couple of years.

In 2011, Hafiz Rahman launched and then ran the unique ‘Professional Development Speaker Series’ on behalf of the CHBE Graduate Students Club. The Speaker Series invited academics and industry leaders to present to club members and share their experiences and impressions. Through these seminars, he has made exceptional contribution to the professional development of graduate students in CHBE and other engineering departments at UBC. Under his extraordinary leadership as the President, CHBE Graduate Students Club has successfully advocated on behalf of graduate students for enhancing the quality of graduate student experiences in this department. Hafiz has a Masters degree from the University of Alberta and is currently working under the supervision of Professors John Grace, Jim Lim and Xiaotao Bi.