BCWWA Junior Design Competition held at UBC, March 29 2015

The Junior Design Competition (JDC) is an annual competition run by the UBC BCWWA Student Chapter for engineering students in their first or second year.

BCWWA Junior Design Competition

BCWWA Junior Design Competition; photo credit Mike Harvard

Inspired by BCWWA’s Student Design Competition, the JDC invites teams of 3 or 4 to design, build, and test water related infrastructure against their peers. The challenge is revealed on the day of the competition and teams must complete their projects within the designated time using only tools and materials provided by the organizers. The first JDC, in 2014, had seven teams participate and $500 in cash prizes!

The 2015 event was held on March 29 with support and sponsorship from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. The event was very popular, with nine teams and roughly 35 undergraduate students competing. Students were tasked with designing an in-stream device to re-aerate water following oxygen depletion by a sawmill. The potential of engineering solutions to solve environmental challenges was emphasized and the organisers hope that the competition made an impact on the way these students view their field.
Teams presented their designs to the judges and then tested their model designs in the Rusty Hut hydraulics lab. Creativity, cost-effectiveness, and aeration capacity were rewarded.