Congratulations to Professor Chip Haynes for his Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Renewal

The Canada Research Chairs Program invests approximately $265 million per year to attract and retain some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds.

Dr. Charles Haynes introduced a chromatographic approach to separating biomolecules on the basis of size, which has now become standard in the bioprocessing industry. More recently, his work has focused on developing novel micro-arrays that employ peptide nucleic acids to interact with DNA, obtaining information about genes much more quickly and efficiently.

As holder of the Canada Research Chair in Interfacial Biotechnology, Dr. Haynes will explore the molecular basis of such interactions. He will then apply this fundamental knowledge to the design of natural or synthetic surfaces that will make it possible to analyze complex biosystems at the molecular level, innovations that will prove to be crucial to the development of the entire field of biotechnology.