Congratulations to Dr. Mohseni

2016 08 31 - 2016WallScholarMohseni - CHBE

Congratulations to Dr. Madjid Mohseni on being awarded one of this year’s Walls Scholars Research Award.

The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Wall Scholars Research Award is available to full-time, tenured or tenure-stream UBC faculty members, to spend one year in residence at the Peter Wall Institute, in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.  Wall Scholars are chosen from all academic disciplines, professions and the performing arts.

Every year, the Institute will appoint up to twelve UBC scholars at various stages of their careers. They should be individuals with excellent research records, who appreciate the possibilities of intellectual and interdisciplinary exchange with outstanding scholars in very different areas of research.  The research award is aimed at enhancing opportunities for scholars to have regular and meaningful exchange of ideas, serving as catalyst for new research advances and collaborations.

As a Wall Scholar, Dr. Mohseni plans to work towards developing and implementing a partnership strategy to help engage researchers from across the UBC campus, on issues and challenges of First Nations drinking water. Given that successful and sustainable adoption of any solutions often hinge upon a synergy of socio-technical aspects, effective implementation strategies, and knowledge of the local conditions, the multidisciplinary aspects of the research in this area is very evident.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Mohseni on his achievement!

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