Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon Go - CERC

Photo: Lena Choi

Catching CO2 and Pokémon Go

By Dr. Ellis and Lena Choi

Mon., July 25, 2016

CERC–Lena Choi, an APSC COOP student, has been working in the Ellis lab for the summer learning about CO2 capture in fluidized bed systems at the Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC). Chemical Looping Combustion in dual fluidized beds allows inherent CO2 separation using metal oxide assisting indirect combustion of gaseous fuels. She has learned to operate the pilot-scale dual fluidized bed system in CERC using glass beads and compressed air to simulate chemical looping combustion, and has been investigating its behaviour at various temperatures and superficial gas velocities. Last Friday, topic of discussion over a group meeting lunch evolved around Pokémon Go as Pokéemon characters were popping up at various locations, fuelling the excitement among gamers. It was quite a surprise when Pikachu, who rarely shows up at UBC, suddenly appeared in the area near CERC! The Ellis lab gamers quickly discovered it through the grapevine, and Lena was able to capture it right next to the dual fluidized beds. The summer has proven to be quite fruitful with gaining knowledge in chemical engineering reactors and at the same time catching ’em all for Pokémon Go.