Dr. Kwok Receives WesTEC Award


Prof. Kwok presenting at WesTEC

Professor Kwok received the  Distinguished WesTEC Award – External Leader in Science and Technology, from Dow Chemical Canada. This is an important award as it recognizes lifelong achievements in science and technology, and commitment to advance various aspects of science, education, and research. Dr. Kwok will be making an acceptance presentation at the Silver Jubilee Western Canada Technical Excellence Conference (WesTEC) on October 20, 2016 at Fort Saskatchewan.

From the 2016 WesTEC chair:

The Western Canada Technical Excellence Conference, more commonly known as WesTEC, is an annual event held at the Fort Saskatchewan Dow Chemical facility with the intent to celebrate and elevate technical innovations, enhanced work process efficiencies and process safety and technology breakthroughs. This year is the 25th anniversary or Jubilee celebration.

WesTEC seeks to highlight the strong culture of excellence in science and technology woven through the fabric of our organization. Our award for External Leader in Science and Technology is a newer addition started back in 2010 that recognizes an individual, outside of Dow, that we feel best exemplifies the traits and values associated with this culture. We invite the award recipient to talk about their experiences during our WesTEC event and to attend the dinner celebration.

This year, we will highlight nine presentations and eleven exhibits from across our Prentiss site, Calgary office, and Fort Saskatchewan site. Some of these submissions include external collaborators from Universities or other companies who we also recognize. In addition to the address from Dr. Kwok, we have two keynote speakers (Dow employees) who talk about various aspects of innovation and collaboration.