C-CJCBERI successfully organized Collaboration Strategies Workshop on Bioenergy and Bioeconomy”


The China-Canada Joint Centre for BioEnergy Research and Innovation (C-CJCBERI) will host the “Collaboration Strategies Workshop on Bioenergy and Bioeconomy” on Feburay 23rd 2017 at CHBE. This workshop is to gather researchers and industrial practitioners from clean energy especially bioenergy sector, as well as governments and service providers to share experiences, insights, and ideas on collaborations nationally and internationally. The expected outcome of the workshop is to form new connections and partnerships for a joint proposal on establishing a broad and strong network on clean energy and bioenergy research, development and commercialization in Canada and China.

The workshop is sponsored by NSERC and UBC and co-organized by C-CJCBERI, Nexterra Systems Corp., and FPInnovations. Organizing committee includes: Dr. Xiaotao Bi, Director, C-CJCBERI; Dan Green, Executive Director, Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund, BC Ministry of Energy and Mines; Dr. Xuantian Li, Principal Engineer and Group Leader, NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.; Cliff Mui, VP Product Development, Nexterra Systems Corp.; Dr. Jack Saddler, Task Leader, IEA Bioenergy Task 39; Dr. Douglas Singbeil, Research Manager, Process Engineering, FPInnovations; Dr. Jamie Stephen, Managing Director, TorchLight Bioresources. There will be about 70 participants from universities, institutions, industries, governments and public sectors.

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