Sanofi Biogenius Canada British Columbia Regional Competition

The Sanofi Biogenius Canada (SBC) biotechnology competition ( organized by Partners in Research (PIR), matches high school students with research faculty mentors to complete amazing hands-on bio-technology research projects.  Past elite research projects have ranged from cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to agriculture and the environment. Many ideas have been patented and commercialized, garnering international media attention.  UBC faculty have participated in past events as mentors and evaluators and David Wilkinson has been recognized as an ambassador by PIR.  UBC faculty participated with mentoring students and judging.

SBC British Columbia 2017 Participants

For many participants, the SBC has proven vastly influential in mapping out future careers – in some cases paving the way for studies in ivy league schools and exciting internships in the biotech industry.  UBC offers tremendous opportunities and the SBC competition is very timely in view of the proposed biomedical engineering program.

Dean Parlange was on hand to give out the awards. The first prize student advances to the national competition so we will be cheering for her.

Dean Parlange address SBC British Columbia 2017 participants