2017 APSC Rising Stars

The stars of UBC Applied Science are people passionate about their chosen field–architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, engineering and nursing—and those that inspire others by making meaningful contributions to the betterment of society.

Congratulations to following Chemical and Biological Engineering graduates highlighted on the 2017 list:

Clinton Large, BASc ’17, Chemical and Biological Engineering

The world is facing some of its most complex problems to date, with world hunger and sustainability as just a couple of examples. We need unique and creative solutions that are only going to come about by thinking in new ways.

David Goertsen, BASc ’17, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Through engineering, I have been able to try a variety of different fields I was interested in and get my questions answered by professionals with first hand knowledge.

Ileana Co, BASc ’17, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Don’t let failure stop you and don’t let your grades define you.

Marc Apduhan, BASc ’17, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Engineering focuses a lot on solving complex problems and simplifying them. What you’ll soon find is sometimes there is no exact solution, only one that you can answer to the best of your abilities based on important facts and what you know.

Saad Dara, PhD ’17, Chemical Engineering

A graduate degree in engineering allowed me this opportunity for refinement of my skills and developing depth in my knowledge in a safe learning environment where I was allowed the opportunity to drive a project.

Siang Lim, BASc ’17, Chemical Engineering

Experience as much of university life as you can while maintaining the grades you will need to pursue your goals.

Zhaoyang Yuan, PhD ’17, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Trying to break your conventional thoughts and to think in different angles will give you some surprising and interesting results, which are often more than what you expected.