Internet of Brewing (IoB) – The Digital Revolution Meets Beer

Envision CHBeer team members Athanasios Kritharis, Siang Lim, Shams Elnawawi and Josh Donaldson presented a workshop on how to make great beer  from the comfort of their phones.  Over 150 participants attended their workshop at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) conference in Minneapolis on October 28th.

Do you enjoy beer? Fermentation started in the Bronze Age and is theorized to be the main driver behind the origin of civilization! However, controlling this biological process to achieve the desired characteristics of beer is challenging to this day. Large breweries employ sophisticated devices to control processes, thermodynamics, and to model kinetics, but homebrewers and craft breweries can’t afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on high-end equipment. The Envision workshop demonstrated how to build a low-cost device that can monitor and control key process variables such as temperature and pH during the brewing process. Through the Internet of Things, it is possible to access and monitor process variables from anywhere! Check out their demo web app at