Message From Head

Peter Englezos

Welcome to our Department’s website.  We hope that as you browse through you will find interesting and useful information about the education we offer, the research and the other activities taking place in our Department.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized department, advancing the contributions of chemical and biological engineering to society through excellence in education, research and social responsibility. Chemical Engineering was established at UBC in 1915, the first Canadian chemical engineering program west of Ontario, becoming a separate Department of Chemical Engineering in 1954.  Further changes included a merger with the Bio-Resource Engineering Department and subsequent renaming in 1999 as the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  The Department’s evolution reflects the growing need for engineers in the fields of chemical, biotechnology, biomedical, energy, environmental and bio-resource engineering.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers two CEAB accredited programs to undergraduate students – Chemical Engineering, and Chemical and Biological Engineering.  We also offer Masters and PhD programs. Our programs attract domestic and international students from all over the world.  Our enrolment is increasing as demand grows for programs that contribute positively to creating solutions that improve health and quality of life, protect the local and global environment and increase sustainability.

We take pride in our teaching and research facilities and offer students extensive hands-on learning, industry contact and research opportunities to enhance and complement our classroom teaching.  Our academic programs are led by faculty who are internationally recognised research leaders in the areas of process engineering, biotechnology, energy, environment and sustainability.  Our graduating students are well prepared to enter roles in industry, research, academia, government and non-government organizations internationally.  We look forward to engaging with you.

~ Peter Englezos