Conferences & Events


Annually Chemical and Biological Engineering Department Graduates organize and host conferences with guest speakers, research and industry technical presentations,  competitions, displays.



The Fluidization Research Centre (FRC) was established at UBC in 1997 with funding provided by the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and a number of other government and industrial sponsors.  The FRC conducts fundamental and applied research on fluidized bed reactors, their modeling and/or applications.   The FRC’s objective is to achieve better understanding of fluidization phenomena, develop generic fluidized bed reactor models, investigate new diagnostic methods and analysis techniques, and to improve understanding of fluidization behaviour to enable more reliable design and operation of industrial-scale fluidized bed reactors. The 2014 International Fluid-Particle System Workshop at UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering on  June 26th and 27th was dedicated to Dr. John Grace.

Fluidization XV in 2016 will be hosted in Canada.



WEST, Water and Environment Student Talks  was a multidisciplinary water/wastewater conference hosted at UBC June 8-10th, 2014.  Visit the WEST website to find out about their 2014 conference and to watch for announcements on their next conference.


Three Minute Thesis (3MT) @UBC

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, a Chemical & Biological; Mechanical Engineering departmental heat @ Three-Minutes Thesis (3MT) 2015 was held in Chemical and Biological Engineering building. First started by Queensland University in 2008, the 3MT event has taken root in 20 universities worldwide. University of British Columbia was one of the first universities in North America to host a 3MT event in 2011.

The 3MT heat was organized by a group of graduate student leaders in Chemical & Biological Engineering Graduate Student Club (CHBE GSC) and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association (MEGA), with some financial support from department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ten graduate students from Chemical & Biological; Mechanical; Electrical & Computer; and Material Engineering presented during this event. The four judges for this event were Dr. Vladan Pradonovic, Chair of Clean Energy Engineering Program; Dr. Vikramaditya G. Yadav, Assistant Professor in Chemical & Biological Engineering; Dr. Gwynn Elfring, Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering; and Dr. Ross Kukurd, Post-Doctorate Fellow in Chemical & Biological Engineering.

Three graduate students from Chemical & Biological Engineering, who are Fatemeh Ekram, Jeanette Leeuwner and Amin Nouri, participated in this presentation competition. All the presenters were very prepared. Consequently, their final scores were very close. The first prize was won by Samantha Grist, from Electrical Engineering, with 3MT title of “Mimicking the body for drug testing”. The runners-up were Tim Roger, from Computer Engineering; Farzad Khademolhosseini, from Mechanical Engineering; and Jeanette Leeuwner, from Chemical & Biological Engineering.

These four winners advanced and participated in the Semi Final of the UBC of 3MT competition on March 10, 2015.