Many questions are answered on our FAQs page. As the first step in seeking information, please use this page since the answer to your question may be there.


General Inquiries

For issues beyond those dealt with in the FAQs page, please complete the General Inquiry Form. We ask that students please use form for all general inquiries. Please do not contact Undergraduate Advisors directly for initial inquiries. If further information is necessary to handle your inquiry, you will be contacted by email.


Undergraduate Advisors


Chemical Engineering (CHML) Program

Dusko Posarac

Office: CHBE 409

Dhanesh Kannangara

Office: CHBE 401


Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) Program

Louise Creagh

Office: CHBE 403


Student Teams and Clubs


Jonathan Verrett

Office: CHBE 427


Vikramaditya G. Yadav

Office: CHBE 207


Michael G. Schoen

Office: CHBE 213

Chemical Engineering (CHML) Program, Chem-E-Car

Dhanesh Kannangara

Office: CHBE 401


Bhushan Gopaluni

Office: CHBE 407

Faculty advisors provide advice with student conferences and competitions.



Ezra Kwok

Office: CHBE 237

Dr. Kwok is a practicing medical doctor and can provide advice to students who wish to prepare for application to Medical School.