Students register in a Standard Timetable (STT) for Chemical or Chemical & Biological Engineering that includes the CHBE core courses required for that year.  Students then must register in electives or core courses from other departments individually.

Co-op students in CHBE normally take one term of courses in third year and spend the other term on a co-op placement.  Students register for the appropriate STT and then drop the courses for the co-op work term.

Fourth year CHBE students take technical electives in addition to their core fourth year courses.  After registering for fourth year STT, students register for technical electives individually.  Registration in conflicting technical electives is not permitted.

Registration Assistance

Registration Issue Resolution
  • A CHBE class or STT is full
  • Restrictions due to standing
Email  Include: name, student number and problem description
A core course in another department is full

Contact the department to find out registration procedures.MATH  604-822-2666 

APSC  604-822-6556 Engineering Student Services                                         

STATS  604-822-4821                                    

You missed taking or failed a core course last year and now two core courses conflict Email  Include: name, student number and problem description.  The issue will be reviewed and you will be advised which one of following options will apply:

  • There may be another course you could take in another department as an equivalent.
  • You will be advised to contact each instructor to explain how you will manage the work in both courses and to seek to official approval. You will need to fill in an APSC Course Conflict Form.
  • You will need to take the course during the summer or in another year.  This may result in extending the time for degree completion.
Your transfer credits are not listed on the Degree Navigator Visit the ESS office to request an updated pre-approved transfer credit on your Degree Navigator
If you wish to take an unlisted technical elective Obtain approval from an undergraduate program advisor, who will then send an email to the Undergrad Secretary.  Your Degree Navigator should be adjusted to reflect the approved elective.
Students taking more than the required technical electives Students cannot take more than 6 credits of technical elective courses outside of CHBE.  Any credits in excess of the graduation requirements will not count towards your degree.
Students taking more courses than the maximum in the academic calendar  Credits taken in excess of the maximum will not count towards your degree.