Degree Programs


When entering their second year, undergraduate students select one of the two programs in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

Both programs are accredited and lead to a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) degree in Chemical Engineering or Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Environmental Science and Engineering and Sustainability principles are integrated in individual courses and in dedicated specific technical electives.  Through their academic courses, students also become well versed in computation, product and process design, and process simulation software.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a program with a long tradition (since 1915) of excellence at UBC.  The program puts emphasis on the analysis, design, process control, operation and management of efficient chemical and electrochemical processes within resource-based industries such as oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, petro-chemical, polymers, inorganic chemicals and fertilizers.  In addition, pollution prevention and reduction in industrial processes and systems is emphasized.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering is a unique program that provides an opportunity for students to combine interests in life sciences with engineering.  Students are trained for professional employment in the growing fields of biotechnology, chemicals and food bioprocessing, environmental services, pharmaceuticals health care and biomedical engineering.  Graduates from this program can also continue their studies in the medical field; some graduates have joined North America’s most reputable medical schools.

Ancillary Programs

Other programs available to undergraduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering: