UBC Engineering Co-op


The Engineering Co-operative Education program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical industrial experience to complement formal engineering studies.  The industrial experience periods extend the duration of engineering studies by one year and is time is well spent.  Among the many positive outcomes of participation in the Co-op program are:

  • an opportunity to learn how to work effectively in the working world;
  • can assist students decide on their future career objectives;
  • gives meaning and context to academic studies;
  • introduces students to potential future employers;
  • generates an income that helps pay for university study costs;
  • creates a work record that is attractive to potential employers.

Students enroll in the Co-op program during their second year.  Co-op students receive training introducing them to the working world, how to write an effective resume and how to give a strong interview.

Co-op students alternate work terms in industry and academic terms at UBC.  In total, there are five industrial work terms, each of four months duration.  The UBC Co-op office maintains strong contacts with industrial companies, and helps students find appropriate and interesting work.  Opportunities exist for working overseas and Co-op students work all over the world. For more information, go to: UBC Engineering Co-op program.