2017 VSP Field Trips

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering looks forward to hosting students from around the globe this summer for the 2017 UBC VSP. Students participating in our package will visit industrial sites as part of their chemical and biological engineering studies:

Field Trip 1 – July 26 & 27

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), Lulu Island: This plant is a secondary sewage treatment plant located in Richmond BC. Effluent is treated before being discharged into the Fraser River. Resources such as biosolids and methane gas are recovered from the plant.  To learn more about the plant, please visit the Metro Vancouver Lulu Island page.

Field Trip 2 – August 3

Metro Vancouver Waste-to-Energy Facility (Covanta): This facility takes solid wastes and converts the wastes into renewable energy (steam and electricity). It also recycles waste metal for sale. To learn more about Covanta, please visit https://www.covanta.com/Our-Facilities/Covanta-Burnaby

ABC Recycling: ABC Recycling recovers and extracts scrap metal which prevents these metals from ending up in landfills. The recycled metal is then sold to customers around the world. To learn more about ABC Recycling, please visit http://www.abcrecycling.com/


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for all Field Trips

  • A minimum of closed-toe running shoes. Hiking boots are preferred.
  • Long sleeved shirt and long pants.