2019 VSP Instruction Team

The UBC Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is very excited to introduce our instruction teams in charge of creating and delivering our package for the 2019 Vancouver Summer Program. Please click on the links below to learn more about each team member.

Gabriel Potvin

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Bioprocessing, genetic engineering, and molecular biology.

Jonathan Verrett

Area(s) of Academic Interest: (1) Pedagogical: peer-learning and leadership development; (2) Research: Gas hydrates, photocatalysis and biohydrogen production.

Mengqi Han

Area(s) of Academic Interest:Drinking water treatment - degradation of chemical toxins using UV-based advanced oxidation

Hamid Rezaei

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Solid waste feedstock engineering, (pre)processing, densification, and thermal conversion process of solid recovered fuel.



Fuhar Dixit

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Global challenge of drinking water scarcity, municipal waste-water treatment, potable water reuse

Lius Daniel

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Nanomaterial architectures for electrochemical energy conversion technologies, integrated membrane electrode assembly structures for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane  (PEM) fuel cell applications

René Pedroza

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Bioprocess development for cellular  therapies, cell microencapsulation and prospective health economics  analysis.

Shreyas Rangan

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Develop Raman spectroscopy tools to assess  cell culture performance and process characteristics, with a focus on cell  therapy applications

Ehsan Espid

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Design and fabrication of electro-optical sensor systems such as chemical gas sensors, and bio-sensors for point of care applications in miniaturized devices.

S. Alireza Bagherzadeh

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Gas Hydrates, Molecular Modelling, Anti-freeze proteins, data analysis, and pedagogy.

Nuwan Sella Kapu

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Biorefinery and bioproducts, Pulp and Paper, and Biochemistry.

Sean McBeath

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Drinking water treatment technology and process development, electrochemical and sustainable technologies

Arman Seyed-Ahmadi

Area(s) of Academic Interest: Particle-laden flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), numerical modeling