Professor Emeritus
Electrochemical Engineering, Electrosynthesis, Electrochemical Power Generation
British Columbia, 1974, M.A.Sc.
Sydney, 1963, B.E.
Research Interests

Electrochemical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering concerned with the conception, design, construction and working of electrochemical systems such as electrosynthesis reactors, electrochemical power sources (batteries and fuel cells), metal winning, electroplating and electrochemical machining operations.

Colin Oloman’s research is concerned with the exploration, design and development of novel electrochemical reactors for electrosynthesis and power generation. The work typically involves experiments from the bench (mA) to small prototype (100 A) level, along with reactor modeling based on material, energy and voltage (charge) balances.

Oloman’s work is presently focused on the potential for coupling electrosynthesis with electrochemical power generation in carbon neutral “regenerative” fuel cell cycles. The aim here is to develop improved and/or simplified electrochemical reactors for application in new energy systems that reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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