Bioprocessing, Biomedical, Bioreactor and Device Engineering, Bioprocess Optimization and Cell Therapy Biotechnology
Advisor, Chemical & Biological Engineering (CHBE) Program
Michael Smith Building 2185 East Mall, Room 207
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989, Sc.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986, S.M.
Harvard College, 1981, A.B.
Research Interests

Many recent developments in biological and medical research have greatly expanded the prospects for regenerative medicine. Cell-based therapies can provide improved treatments for major diseases such as cancer and diabetes. In collaboration with stem cell and immune cell biologists (Drs. Kieffer and Levings), we are investigating how to more efficiently optimize therapeutic cell bioprocesses. This includes optimizing the complex cytokine effects, as well as developing innovative devices, processes and data analytics technologies (Drs. Turner and Gopaluni). Mammalian cells are already widely used for the production of therapeutic proteins in the biotechnology industry. In collaboration with companies we are investigating cellular physiology and engineering approaches to better understand and accelerate the development of biotechnology production processes and cell processing devices. The group research topics range from engineering cells to bioprocess engineering. Our multi-disciplinary, collaborative research projects and the many advantages of the Vancouver location provide an exceptional research environment. Our lab welcomes highly motivated applicants who are interested to pursue high-performance graduate or postdoctoral research

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