WEC 2017/2018

left to right: Anthony Ydenberg (WEC 2018 Chair), Shengyang Zhang, Laurie Jiang, Evan Tsuji (Director of Re Engineering)


The Western Engineering Competition (WEC) is Canada’s largest undergraduate engineering competition and is an annual, three-day event which involves 12 – 14 universities from across western Canada. It was founded in 1985 with the purpose of bringing talented students together to practice and exhibit their problem solving, team-building, and communication skills

For the re-engineering category, the team of two is challenged to enhance and optimize two cases where new sets of constraints are required to be applied. The team participated in an intense 6-hour period of research, design, report-writing and presentation-preparing. The presentation for 2 cases are presented to 3 judges with other audience.

Laurie and Shengyang proposed to produce bleach by electrochlorinate the wastewater from a thermal desalination plate for case 1, and also proposed to use land fill gas as the new fuel source for thermal power generating plants in BC for case 2. Both proposed solutions were determined innovative and sustainable by the judges and got 2nd place among 12 teams.

Only the first and second place teams qualify for the Canadian Engineering Competition, hosted in Toronto this year. Another UBC team also qualified, placing first in the Programming category.