Welcome to Professor Orlando Rojas

The Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering is pleased to announce that Dr. Orlando Rojas will join the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering as Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Forest Bioproducts, with shared affiliation in the Departments of Chemistry and Wood Science. He comes to UBC from Aalto University in Finland, where he has led a national cluster to advance the Finnish materials bioeconomy. His research group, Biobased Colloids and Materials (BiCMat), will set foot in UBC to expand a network of more than 54 PhD students and 36 postdoctoral fellows he has supervised or is supervising.

Prof. Rojas is the 2018 Recipient of the Anselme Payen Award and is an elected Fellow of the American Chemical Society and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.  In UBC, he will lead the UBC BioProducts Institute, an enabler of the transition to a sustainable bio-based circular economy by using plant-based resources. Nanomaterials, colloids and surfaces form the basis of Prof. Rojas’ cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the fundamental principles involved in the design, manufacture and performance of biobased systems.

His group works on the science and engineering of self-assemblies and structural hierarchies in multicomponent hybrid materials, upward from the molecular and colloidal levels. Multiphase systems are at the core of some of his research.  He has published over 350 peer-review papers (see Google Scholar) and is recognized worldwide for his scientific impact in the area of nanocelluloses.