Distinguished Speaker Seminar – Professor Greg Evans

Date: January 31, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: CHBE Room 102

Teach Your Children Well: Fostering a Path to Lifelong and Lifewide Learning


Learning to teach is often a private process, that we pursue on a public stage. In contrast with the way we instruct fundamentals in our classrooms, or discover new knowledge in our laboratories, teaching is most often learnt experientially with little to no scaffolding or focus on underlying theory.  Is this really an optimal approach to learning how to teach? Is there perhaps a better way?

In this talk, I will share some lessons I have learnt about teaching. Drawing from courses that I’ve designed and delivered, I will describe instructional strategies used to enhance learning and integrate transdisciplinary competencies such as communication, teamwork, and professionalism. I will describe the roles of metacognition and knowledge integration in fostering lifelong and lifewide learning.  I will introduce a student-centric vision for undergraduate educational experiences that strives to articulates characteristics that we aspire to develop in our students, and the experiences that could enable them.  Finally, I will share some personal views on where I see engineering education headed and how we might adapt our teaching accordingly.



Prof. Greg Evans, PhD, FCEA, FAAAS is the Director of the Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education and Practice (ISTEP) a new department at the University of Toronto.  He is also the Director of the Collaborative Specialization  in Engineering Education, a 3M national Teaching Fellow, and a member of the University of Toronto President’s Teaching Academy.