UBC Launching New Environmental Engineering Degree in Fall 2020

To cultivate the next generation of critical, systems thinkers with a passion for addressing climate change and improving ecosystem health, the University of British Columbia is excited to announce a new four-year undergraduate environmental engineering program to begin this fall semester. The new program is an innovative partnership between UBC’s Departments of Civil Engineering and Chemical & Biological Engineering. It adopts a collaborative, team-based approach to equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary for a future in environmental engineering.

Environmental engineers apply engineering principles to support the health of natural systems and provide healthy land, water, and air for habitation. Graduates will go on to design and manage processes and products that minimize pollution, protect human health, and promote sustainability — all without sacrificing economic viability and efficiency.

Students in the UBC environmental engineering degree will learn from a team of esteemed professors whose research and applied work have made remarkable impacts to the field of environmental engineering.

To complement their studies, students may participate in UBC Engineering Co-op, currently the biggest co-op program in Western Canada.

“We are excited at the prospect of helping young and enthusiastic individuals prepare for a career in environmental engineering and help solve many of the most pressing issues facing humankind in the 21st century,” said Dr. Madjid Mohseni and Dr. Greg Lawrence, co-directors of the new program, “if this program had been available when we embarked on our careers, we would have chosen it.”

The new UBC environmental engineering program will launch in fall 2020. Students will devote four years to coursework, fieldwork and individual capstone research projects.

Application is now open to all first-year UBC engineering students.  

To learn more about the new degree, visit environmental.engineering.ubc.ca.