Dr. Savvas Hatzikiriakos elected a Fellow of the Society of Rheology

Dr. Savvas Hatzikiriakos has been elected a Fellow of the Society of Rheology for his contributions to many areas of rheology, including wall slip/melt fracture and associated phenomena, the discovery of new processing aids based on Teflon and the patterning of surfaces to tailor wettability; for his contributions to capillary rheometry with applications to extrusion of polyolefines, blends, biopolymers, associating polymers, pastes and foodstuff; and for his contributions to the self-healing, Teflon-adhesion and the rich rheology of a novel class of ionomers.

The Society of Rheology Fellowship status recognizes outstanding members who have contributed to rheology through scientific achievement, a significant technological accomplishment and/or peer-reviewed literature.