CHBE Researchers Named Among World’s Top Scientists

CHBE researchers are named among the 100,000 most cited scientists according to a database created by a team led by professor John Ioannidis, from Stanford University.

For the full story, please see the UBC Applied Science News Release published on January 4, 2021.


The CHBE (or CHBE associated) researchers listed are:

  • Bi, Xiaotao (Chemical Engineering)
  • Elnashaie, S.S.E.H. (Chemical Engineering)
  • Englezos, Peter (Chemical Engineering)
  • Epstein, Norman (Chemical Engineering)
  • Feng, James J. (Fluids & Plasmas)
  • Grace, John R. (Chemical Engineering)
  • Gyenge, Előd (Energy)
  • Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G. (Polymers)
  • Haynes, Charles (Biotechnology)
  • Kerekes, Richard (Forestry)
  • Lim, C. Jim (Chemical Engineering)
  • Mohseni, Madjid (Environmental Engineering)
  • Olson, James (Forestry) * CHBE graduate
  • Rojas, Orlando J. (Polymers)
  • Taghipour, Fariborz (Chemical Engineering)
  • Watkinson, A. Paul (Chemical Engineering)
  • Wilkinson, David P. (Energy)