Vision, Mission & Values

Strait of Georgia Sunset. Photo credit: Hover Collective.

Photo credit: Hover Collective.


To educate and conduct research to serve the people of BC and the world in an environment that fosters research breakthroughs and teaching innovations, and supports students, faculty and staff to succeed.


The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is committed to:

  • Provide outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs, educating engineers empowered with excellent technical and leadership skills, integrity, and social responsibility.
  • Be recognized internationally as a leader in research and engineering science, creating novel and sustainable solutions to serve public interests and to address global challenges in areas such as health, energy, and environment.
  • Promote inclusive, safe, collaborative, and respectful community for learning and work.


As members of the Department, we are committed to our core values:

  • Collegiality: Promote cooperative interaction between colleagues, shared workload, and responsibilities.
  • Excellence: Attract the best, be the best in teaching, research and community engagement.
  • Innovation: Achieve innovation in research, education, and administration through design to capture value.
  • Integrity: Be honest and truthful, honour our commitments and duties to the department and the profession, and to be respectful to everyone we work and interact with.