Why Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers you can choose.

Society relies heavily on chemical engineering

Chemical and Chemical & Biological engineers create and develop processes to change raw materials into the products that society depends on; food, chemicals, fuels, energy, metals, pharmaceuticals, paper, plastics, and personal care products.

Chemical and process engineers help to manage natural resources, protect the environment, control health and safety procedures, and recycle materials, while developing and managing the processes which make the products we use.

Chemical Engineers are versatile

Chemical engineers have a strong understanding of how the physical, chemical and biological sciences intersect, complemented with mathematics.  Chemical engineers are also trained in safety, the environment, economics and management.  The versatility of chemical engineers is borne out by the achievements of the following well known personalities; inventors, CEO’s to politicians:

Chemical Engineer Achievements
Arthur Fry 3M Inventor of Post-it note
Robert W. Gore Inventor of Gore-Tex
Lewis Urry Canadian inventor of both the alkaline battery and lithium battery
Mae Jemison Science mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Endeavour
Jack Welch CEO of General Electric
Andrew Grove Former CEO of Intel Corp.
Sheri McCoy Current CEO of Avon Products
Linus Pauling Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1954, Nobel Peace Prize 1962
Jerzy Buzek Former Prime Minister of Poland, current President of European Parliament

Chemical Engineers can change the world!

The work of chemical engineers improves the quality of people’s lives.  Chemical Engineers are involved in producing all the materials and products used by people every day in their lives.   Chemical engineers help to produce clean drinking water, food for the world population, to improve people’s health and standard of life.  Chemical engineers work developing and implementing alternative cleaner and sustainable technologies to reduce pollution and to save the environment.

Career Choices

Chemical engineers have a myriad career choices.  Chemical engineers find employment globally in industry, government, research and medicine, the opportunities are endless.  Many chemical engineers have gone on to become managers, company executives, entrepreneurs and leaders of government and non-government organizations.

Chemical engineers are highly employable and there continues to be a growing demand for chemical engineers.


Chemical Engineers are among the highest paid engineers in British Columbia.  The average engineering graduate starting salary is $58,000 CDN (APEGBC Compensation Survey).  Chemical engineers are on average the most highly paid engineers, averaging $94,350 USD per year salary in 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.