Awards & Funding Opportunities


The University of British Columbia offers and administers many programs that provide financial help to graduate students.  The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) is responsible for merit-based graduate awards at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia. Graduate Awards manages a number of award competitions each year and administers payment of both internally- and externally-funded awards.  Graduate students at UBC’s Vancouver campus who have questions about need-based funding should visit the Enrolment Services website.


Research Assistantships (GRAs):

For students without scholarships or external funding, minimum stipends for nominal periods are provided to graduate students by their supervisors, subject to satisfactory annual performance and progress and availability of research funds.  Beyond the nominal timeframe, student stipends are determined by the supervisor(s).

Program Nominal Time From Program Start Effective September, 2016
MASc, MSc 2 years $22,000/year
PhD 4 years $25,000/year



The Chemical and Biological Engineering Department awards deserving students with the prestigious 4-­‐ Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF) and GSI awards.

Students are also encouraged to apply for UBC scholarships (


Amount Qualifications
4‐‐Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF)

$18,200 per year plus full tuition for maximum 4 years

Supervisors provide top-up of $8,000 each year

Incoming students are considered once during the first 12 months of their PhD program

Students transferring from MASc to PhD are considered within the first year following their transfer

Graduate Student Initiative (GSI) (first year) $5,000 Incoming MASc, MSc, PhD students without external funding but with first class standing in their two most recent academic years, subject to the availability of funds
CHBE MASc Graduate Student Initiative (GSI)

$10,000 per year for 2 years

(In addition to minimum GRA from supervisor)

Top Masters students selected by Department Graduate Awards Committee dependent on fund availability

UBC Affiliated Scholarships Varied; supervisors
provide top‐up to minimum stipends or above
Department Awards Committee reviews applicants and nominates top students for UBC Affiliated awards

NSERC and Vanier Scholarships and Top‐Ups

Scholarship details and eligibility can be found on the NSERC website:

Scholarship Award Top-­‐Ups
CGS M (for Masters) $17,500 for 12 months
$5,000 GSI (only for the first year) plus minimum $8,000 by supervisor for every year of the term of the scholarship
PGS D (for PhDs) $21,000 a year
(for two or three years)
$5,000 GSI (only for the first year) plus minimum $8,000 by supervisor for every year of the term of the scholarship
CGS D (for PhDs) $35,000 a year
(for two or three years)
$5,000 GSI (only for the first year) plus minimum $8,000 by supervisor for every year of the term of the scholarship

UBC International

Doctoral Fellowship

$30,000 a year plus tuition
(for 4 years)
$5,000 GSI (only for the first year)
Vanier $50,000 per year
(for three years)
Minimum $5,000 by supervisor for every year of the term of the scholarship

UBC Affiliated Scholarships

Each year, the Departmental Graduate Awards Committee selects and nominates students for a number of university-affiliated scholarships. For a full, up-to-date list of those affiliated scholarships, please visit UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ Scholarships, Awards and Funding. Our students are highly encouraged to apply to the following list of scholarships and awards where eligible. Please visit the G+PS website for a comprehensive listing of all graduate scholarships and awards.

*Department-nominated awards will be forwarded to G+PS. Be advised that the department-nominated award deadlines are typically several weeks in advance of the posted G+PS deadline.

**External awards: award applicants to submit the application directly to the funding source.

Department Stipends and Assistantships

Research Assistantships (GRAs)

The Department provides stipends and assistanceships to qualifying PhD, MASc and MASc students.  Stipends or assistantships are not provided to M.Eng students.

Supervisors provide Graduate Research assistantship minimum stipends, $25,000/year for PhD and $22,000/year for MASc and MSc, to graduate students having no other scholarships or sponsorship funding from external sources.  Stipends are provided for nominal time periods, 4 years for PhD and 2 years for Masters, and are subject to satisfactory annual academic performance and progress and to availability of research funding.

Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

Research Graduate students may apply for Teaching Assistantships with the agreement of their supervisors.  TA position remuneration typically ranges from $1,000 to ­ $3,600 per year.

Additional Payments (GAAs)

Supervisors may pay students for additional work they do which is not related to their individual graduate study project.


NOTE: Full details on Research Graduate Financial Support in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering can also be retrieved from the Graduate Handbook.