UBC Design Teams

The UBC Engineering Design Teams is comprised of 26 teams where students volunteer their time to work collaboratively on design projects and gain hands-on experience. UBC supports existing teams, fosters the development of new ones, and encourages a wide range of collaboration with campus and external partners, helping them achieve their potential through adequate access to resources.  The University also strives to ensure the availability of facilities and equipment, improve competitiveness, and provide an environment in which student teams can innovate and maximize their learning potential in solving the world’s problems.


UBC BIOMOD is a multidisciplinary undergraduate student team that participates annually in the BIOMOD competition, a biomolecular nanotechnology design competition founded in 2011 by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. The competition allows undergraduate students to come together as a team, think outside of the box, and reengineer biomolecules like DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates to design systems to solve environmental, electrical, biomedical, and computational problems. Deliverables for the competition include a website, video and a presentation at the Jamboree hosted at Harvard University. Overall, the UBC BIOMOD team is a fun way to get involved in the design process, gain lab experience and learn about how we can reinvent the purpose of biomolecules using nanotechnology!

UBC Chem-E-Car

UBC Chem-E-Car designs a small, low-cost vehicle to travel a specified distance within 2 minutes with a designated weight of water. The challenge is that digital timers, physical timers and visual sensing technology are not allowed on the vehicle and the stopping mechanism must be chemically initiated – whether by running out of fuel or cutting off a circuit.