Computers & Printing



The Department Undergraduate Student Lab is located at 2360 East Mall, Room 314. Outside of scheduled and posted lecture times, current students will have access at all hours to this room where students will find computers capable of running software pertinent to their program of study. Food and drink are not permitted in the computer lab.

When logging in and prompted for a username, students should enter their campus-wide login (CWL) ID followed by “.stu” (e.g. johndoe.stu) using their normal CWL password.

Students with their own portable computer can access the same suite of software found on Department computers remotely and virtually. To do so, students must install the ‘Parallels Client’ application, which is available for Windows and Mac computers. For more details, please view the Access to Virtual Application Server Instructions.


Students can print materials within the building using the UBC Pay for Print enabled printer located at the East end of the third-floor hallway.

Pay for Print is a service that allows students, faculty, staff, and visitors at UBC to print, copy and scan documents efficiently. Pay for Print uses a unified system of payment via the UBCcard to allow anyone to use specially marked printers which are located across campus. The Department has access to such a multi-function printer on the third floor of its building. This service enables a uniform payment mechanism and accounting service to allow departments to offer students, faculty and staff access to printing services with their UBCcard.

Students need to have a valid EAD account to access the Pay for Print service. Your EAD account is CWLusername.stu (add a “.stu” to the end of your current cwl ID) and is used to register for courses at UBC. Students will need to first activate and add funds to a UBCcard account in order to utilize the Pay for Print service. Accounts can be activated at or

Alternately, printing services are available at most campus libraries as well as the printing center in the University Village.