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As we look to the future, Chemical and Biological Engineering has identified priorities requiring support for us to provide an outstanding learning environment for our students and to develop innovative solutions for society in the areas of energy, health and the environment. Partnerships are critically important for achieving our goals: our success will be the outcome of a joint effort with alumni, industry, and other dedicated individuals. Please consider supporting Chemical and Biological Engineering in the following priority areas:

Annual 3rd Year Field Trip


For the students in third-year Chemical and Biological Engineering, the annual class field trip has become a cherished tradition. A great opportunity for students to forge bonds and build long-lasting friendships with classmates, this trip is the key way for students to gain valuable insight into their chosen career field. See our Field Trip page to learn more about this year’s field trip.

Student Leadership Development

The Department wishes to ensure all fourth-year students have the opportunity to participate in at least one conference of the Chemical Institute of Canada (CSChE) or the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Conferences expose students to the latest research and areas of growth in the field and allow students to interact with professional chemical engineers.

A World-Class Seminar Series

The establishment of a student seminar series would expose our students to the world’s leading researchers and enable them to obtain front-line knowledge.

Laboratories for Upper-year Students

Introducing more unit operations and pilot plant scale facilities in emerging areas such as bioenergy will expand the knowledge-base and skills our graduates bring to the workforce.

Industrial Tours

Field trips for upper-level students are a vital part of education, and we aim to expand our current trips beyond BC and Alberta.

Computer Laboratories and Software

By renewing the computer labs and software, every student will have easy access to the latest software to complete their coursework.

Visiting Scholar Program

Inviting a leading scholar to spend four to six months at UBC each year teaching an advanced course, giving research seminars, interacting with our faculty and students, and developing connections will renew UBC’s expertise in leading-edge fields and technologies.

NSERC Industrial Research Chairs

The Department aims to establish two Industrial Research Chairs in collaboration with NSERC in the next five years.

Sustainable Drinking Water in First Nations Communities

Researchers will work with First Nations communities on a participatory problem-solving project to increase community knowledge of state-of-the-art drinking water treatment technologies and to engage water purification researchers on how to adapt modern water purification technologies into smaller, easier-to-use and affordable systems that can be implemented and sustained within these communities.

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How you can get involved

For more information about Chemical & Biological Engineering and how you and/or your organization can support our department, please contact Valerie Martin, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at 604.822.6197 or