Awards for Innovations & Engineering Leadership

Chemical and Biological Engineers have unique knowledge of existing technologies and the ability to create new technologies that can help with responses to COVID-19 and the effect it is having on society. We must put that knowledge into action.  Dr. Charles Haynes, Head of the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department, has created a personal fund to award students who deliver the most promising engineering or policy solutions to the following major challenges the world is facing in its efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects.

Proposal submissions are CLOSED. See the News and Events page for the list of the award winners. 

1 New Biomass-Based Materials and Manufacturing Technologies for Rapid Mass Production of Inexpensive Face Masks Effective Against Viral Agents All 2nd Year Undergraduate Students
2 New Automation and Digitalization Technology and Strategies for Long-Term Operation of Manufacturing Plants All 3rd Year Undergraduate Students
3 Bullet-Proofing Manufacturing Supply Chains Though Engineering and Implementation of Automation and Machine-Learning/Big-Data Based Information Systems All 4th Year or Final Year Undergraduate Students
4 Creation of Inexpensive, Easily Mass Produced and Portable Personal Hygiene and Disinfection Stations All Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows in CHBE
5 Rapid Inexpensive Production of the RNA Extraction Reagents and RT-PCR Enzymes Needed to Conduct the Most Often Used Test for COVID-19 Infection All Undergraduate Students in the Chemical & Biological Engineering Program
6 Disruption of Continuous Manufacturing Processes All Capstone Design Groups and All MEng, MSc, MASc and PhD Students
7 Scalable Manufacturing Process for Proposed Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine All MEng, MSc MASc and PhD Students in CHBE