Challenge 4

Creation of Inexpensive, Easily Mass Produced and Portable Personal Hygiene and Disinfection Stations

In the face of a viral pandemic, having the ability to regularly wash hands and STOP the spread of the virus is crucial. While Canadians enjoy good and reliable access to restrooms and other hand-washing services, citizens of many other nations do not. As of March 19, many countries in Africa are reporting near exponential increases in COVID-19 cases. They need our immediate help, in part through the invention and mass production of effective inexpensive and portable personal hygiene stations.

The focus of this challenge is to propose deployable engineering solutions to this urgent need.

Who Can Compete: All Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows in CHBE
What and Where Do You Submit: A PDF proposal and engineering justification of no more than 5 pages
When is it Due: May 15, 2020 by 5 pm
To Whom Do I submit: Professor Susan Baldwin ( and Professor Orlando Rojas (
What is the Prize: $100 VISA gift card