Challenge 6

Disruption of Continuous Manufacturing Processes

The disruptions we are now experiencing in our manufacturing sectors are arguably unlike any we have experienced before. One likelihood is that companies producing the world’s chemicals and materials will soon need to shut down some of their large-scale continuous manufacturing plants, due in part to supply chain disruptions.

As engineers, we must therefore start to investigate and provide solutions to a number of important issues associated with these potential shut downs, and later re-starts, of major manufacturing processes and unit operations that are designed for continuous long-term operation. How can companies achieve these dramatic but likely necessary operational changes safely, economically and reliably? This is the central focus of this challenge. What are the safety concerns? What major problems will we need to be ready for in shuttering plant operations? In re-starting those plants? What plans/protocols can we provide industry to help them achieve these crucial tasks as safely and efficiently as possible? Let’s help provide Canadian industries these crucial decision-making tools.

Who Can Compete: All Capstone Design Groups and All MEng, MSc, MASc and PhD Students
What and Where Do You Submit: A PDF proposal and engineering justification of no more than 5 pages
When is it Due: May 15, 2020 by 5 pm
To Whom Do I submit: Sergio Berratta ( and Dusko Posarac (
What is the Prize: $100 VISA gift card