Fluid mechanics, Particle-laden flows, Non Newtonian flows, Heat and mass transfer, Numerical simulation, High performance computing, Multi-scale modelling
Associate Professor
CHBE 437
Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 2010, HDR
Grenoble, 2000, PhD
Grenoble, 1997, M. Fluid Mech.
Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, 1996, B.Eng.

Selected publications
(1) Z. Yu, X. Shao and A. Wachs, A fictitious domain method for particulate flows with heat transfer,
Journal of Computational Physics, 217(2), 424-452, 2006.
(2) A. Wachs, PeliGRIFF, a parallel DEM-DLM/FD direct numerical simulation tool for 3D particu­
late flows,Journal of Engineering Mathe atics, 71(1), 1-25,2010.
(3) A. Wachs, Rising of 3D catalyst particles in a natural convection dominated flow by a parallel
DNS method, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 35(11), 2169-2185, 2011.
(4) A. Wachs, L. Girolami, G. Vinay, and G. Ferrer, Grains3D, a flexible DEM approach for par­
ticles ofarbitrary convex shape- Part I: numerical model and validations, Powder Technology,

224, 374-389, 2012.
(5) M. Rahmani and A. Wachs, Free falling and rising of spherical and angular particles, Physics of Fluids, 26, 083301, 2014

CHBE 554 Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
CHBE 230 Computational Methods