Sustainable Nanocomposites and Hybrid Materials from Cellulose and Other Biopolymers
Associate Professor
UBC President’s Excellence Chair in Forest Bioproducts
Forestry 4036
McGill University, 2001, B.Sc., Honours
McGill University, 2008, Ph.D.
Research Interests
  • Designing and characterizing innovative bio-based nanocomposites and bio-inspired materials
  • Exploring the applications of cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibrils and biopolymers in novel devices and products through interdisciplinary research
  • Measuring surface forces, morphology and tribology through advanced microscopy
  • Characterizing soft matter coatings, gels and emulsions using reflectivity and adsorption techniques
  • Extending state-of-the-art nano-testing tools and analyses to investigate new phenomena
  • Ensuring knowledge translation through high-impact publications and intellectual property

Collaborative Areas:

  • Academic: Biomedicine, Biomass-Enzyme Interactions, Energy Storage, Nan-device Fabrication, Polymer Processing/Self-Assembly/Reaction Engineering, Pulp & Paper, Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial: Chemicals, Cosmetics, Engineering Solutions, Food, Household Products, Nanocellulose Production, Oil & Gas, Particles & Coatings, Plastics, Polymer Processing, Pulp & paper

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  • Implementing teaching methodologies and education technology focusing on student-centered learning
  • Developing education multimedia, demonstrations and websites for Science and Engineering
  • Leading problem solving workshops
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